Olympics 2012!

29 Jul

Credit: freedigitialphotos.net

I loved the opening ceremonies last night! It was amazing performance to show heritage and change throughout Britain’s history. The children’s choirs were one of the many things that actually made me tear up. It’s beautiful to have display that kind of love for your country.

I’m looking forward to:



I’m currently watching the Women’s Butterfly heat and yes, I will watch all the women and men but the guy I’m waiting for is Michael Phelps in the rest of the competitions. I remember watching Bejing 2008 when he broke the world record and took home 8 gold medals. I can’t wait for him to claim a couple more and become the most decorated Olympian of all time. I will truly cry because I have a lot of love and admiration for swimmers. I love to swim myself and I know there will be amazing moments at this year. I’m not mad that Phelps did not rank last night, because I know he didn’t really even want to doย  this and that he is still the fastest swimmer of all time.

Also looking forward to diving!


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