Coffees are for Coffers

31 Jul

Dear Fast Food Moguls,

Please take a hint. No one ever put a morning blend light roast between two sesame seed buns. Leave the coffee industry to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and all those companies that SPECIALIZE in blending the coffee, adding whipped toppings, and drizzling caramel and mocha.

These are my views of the wanna-be coffee industry:

McDonalds: They’re okay, but too sweet. I hate taking a sip of diabetes every time I pick up a McDonalds frappe.

Burger King: Just down right made of sugar. I couldn’t even find the coffee in that… I don’t even know what that crap was called. The thick line between sweet and overpowering was crossed.

Wendy’s: I’m here today with this monstrosity covered in cheap ice cream topping. We couldn’t even get Hershey’s syrup? The ‘Mocha Roaster’ was bitter and the ‘Caramel Roaster’ was worse than drinking straight corn syrup.


Please leave coffee to the people who know what they are doing!


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