Ramblings of an Only Child

25 Sep

I now understand why people who come from small families marry into or have large ones of their own.

I grew up as an only child, although I do have a half brother (whom I love dearly) who is much older. The closest thing I had as a kid was my cousin who was born a month after me. We lived next door to each other for a few years, but then he moved. But when we were together, we were a dynamic duo. Otherwise, I was basically the princess, getting everything I wanted and never really having to share unless my cousin was in town. But I swear I was not one of those spoiled brats! I always liked to share and wished I had someone to share with.

Well to get to my point, I have always longed for someone else to be around. Whether we were bickering or bonding, I would not care. No one wants to be alone. It certainly made things a little harder for me growing up. I could not understand other kids for a long time. They were nothing like my cousin. I spent a lot of time feeling lonely as a child because children were my “friends” when they wanted to be. I did not gain my ‘best friends’ until long after moving to Florida and back to NY and suffering through middle school and bullying.

Fast forward to now: Last month at my boyfriend’s niece’s birthday party, I realized how much I like sitting around with his nieces talking about all the things I couldn’t talk about growing up. I volunteered to do their nails. It was not a burden to me. I enjoyed bothering his nephews because I did not have anyone to bother. It’s amazing to see a family of 10 interact with each other. I always wanted a baby brother to take care of or a sister to argue with, look after, and protect.

I hope to have a medium sized family so that my children have someone to play with. In a way I want to fill the void.


One Response to “Ramblings of an Only Child”

  1. NERO ORTIZ ANGELO September 25, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    Idk how but I was logged in as you o.O lol but,
    ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you and lol you should stop by my sisters house more often then whenever I’m around them they always ask about you or say they miss you ;p lol its cool that you can feel safe interacting wit my family it males me smile.

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