Holiday To-Do List Update

7 Jan

Here’s an update on my holiday list. For me, the holidays don’t end until my birthday (January 25th).

  1. Take Holidays Pictures
  2. Ice Skate
  3. Explore Grand Central Station’s Holiday Pop-Up Shops
  4. Make Cheesecake
  5. Upload Pictures of The Holiday Food I’ve Made
  6. Upload Pictures of My Latest Makeup Goodies
  7. Decorate The Tree
  8. Sing Carols
  9. Watch Holiday Specials (or as 3 year old Amanda would have put it, “reruns”)
  10. Clean My Room by Christmas
  11. Wash All of My Clothing by New Years Eve
  12. Decide What I’m Making for Christmas
  13. Celebrate Hanukkah (Half of My Family is Jewish)
  14. Do One Giveaway
  15. Make Holiday Cookies
  16. Drink Hot Chocolate (Both Homemade & From A Restaurant)
  17. See 2 Friends I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time

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