The Other Door Opened?

11 Jun

So yesterday was my official last day of high school. I still feel weird. I spent four years waiting for the day and it came and went, like nothing. It was good to say goodbye to people. I can’t believe I’m on to the next stage. I’m very excited, don’t get me wrong. I am just…in shock. My prom is Thursday and that’s monumental. I can’t wait!! My old math teacher suggested that I work on Code Academy during this time off and I’m taking him seriously. It’s a great idea. It will prove that I am genuinely bound to expanding on my computer science skills. I’m happy to have time to work on the beauty blogging. I need to map out a calendar of when things need to be done. I’m determined to get into being organized and then stay there! Although it’s less attractive, I have maintained my makeup drawer. It’s a small start and I’m happy about my achievement. I’m trying to really overcome this depression and I’ll only do it if I focus on working hard.



OH, I FOUND OUT “I CAN SPIT BARS”. Yes, I will admit, there is a rapper in here, but I don’t think I’m that great. I don’t know, maybe I’ll record it. Just bullshitting, I need to go to sleep. Goodnight guys.



Chef o’Buddy Amanda


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