New Features, New Media, and a New Commitment

28 Jul

Hey All,

I know, I know, I always seem to be busy. However, I have not forgotten blogging all together! I have managed to stay current on Instagram…too bad you didn’t know my username. My username is chefobuddy (who could have guessed). In addition, my Instagram feed is displayed on my blog so that anytime you swing by, you can see my new pics. I also opened a new YouTube account also called Chefobuddy so go check that out. Yes, I will finish talking about that Bruno Mars concert. When? I have no idea. More importantly, my mom’s birthday/ my 2 anniversary is coming up so I’m hopefully going to film a get ready with me video for that. I’ve got a job now, so I’ve been working almost all of the time. I have not forgotten you though, trust and believe me! In the next week, I am going to work to make all my social media accounts link up so you can find me anywhere (but not actually anywhere…). I hope all has been well this summer for all of you. Last but not least, a new promise… To post on this blog OR post a video (which also ends up here) every Sunday. I love you so much for just keeping up with me and caring.

Love Millions,

Chef o’buddy Amanda

(PS They don’t call me the chef for nothin’! New food posts soon!)


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