The Truth about Thoroughly Nourished Beauty

16 Aug

I had to share this uplifting post with you.

Thoroughly Nourished Life

Yesterday I forgot my make-up. I was halfway to work when I realised that I hadn’t put a single thing on my face that morning but some very simple vitamin e cream to soothe my winter-running chapped cheeks. I felt naked. I felt exposed. I am not ashamed to admit that I even pulled into two separate service stations/ convenience stores on my way to work just to try and find some mascara.

Let me pause for a moment here to establish the baseline for this beauty-centric story.

I do not usually wear much make-up, in fact, my definition of my “work face” is just mascara and some translucent powder – see not much. I have gone days without brushing my hair, and the only regular beauty regime that I stick to is ensuring I wash my face every night and apply vitamin e cream. No fancy jars of things…

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