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Show Not Tell: Darker Fall Colors

9 Oct

Fall Haul: LOTS OF FREEBIES + Palladio, NYX, Maybelline, MUA & More

2 Oct

How I Save Money

20 Sep

NYX Haute Jersey Leopard Couture Palette Review

22 Aug

First Video: Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

3 Aug

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Chef o’Buddy Amanda


3 Aug

Hey guys,

I have some pretty awesome updates since my last post. I bought a new webcam, so my video quality will be dramatically improved. I also ordered the two Limited Edition Wet n’ Wild Palettes online because I got tired of looking all over New York City for them. But best of all, Shaaanxo followed me back on Tumblr. If you are like “who the ?!?!? is that”, then you need to Get Your Life. I have been keeping up with Shannon (better known as Shaaanxo) for about 6 months now. She is an amazing makeup artist and a true inspiration. She does a variety of beauty vlogs as well as vlogs about her personal life. In these six months, I have grown to admire her. I talk about her as if I knew her personally to my friends and family, which usually leaves them perplexed. I found the courage to start making videos again simply from watching her. I’ve watched Shannon change a lot over the years through videos on Youtube and I believe it has been for the better. The first video that I watched on her channel was about tips for aspiring Youtube makeup artists. As I continue to find my voice, I keep her thoughts in mind. It’s the support of my followers, which now include Shaaanxo that keeps me driven to keep going. Thank You All!


Chef o’buddy Amanda

(Go watch my first video:

New Features, New Media, and a New Commitment

28 Jul

Hey All,

I know, I know, I always seem to be busy. However, I have not forgotten blogging all together! I have managed to stay current on Instagram…too bad you didn’t know my username. My username is chefobuddy (who could have guessed). In addition, my Instagram feed is displayed on my blog so that anytime you swing by, you can see my new pics. I also opened a new YouTube account also called Chefobuddy so go check that out. Yes, I will finish talking about that Bruno Mars concert. When? I have no idea. More importantly, my mom’s birthday/ my 2 anniversary is coming up so I’m hopefully going to film a get ready with me video for that. I’ve got a job now, so I’ve been working almost all of the time. I have not forgotten you though, trust and believe me! In the next week, I am going to work to make all my social media accounts link up so you can find me anywhere (but not actually anywhere…). I hope all has been well this summer for all of you. Last but not least, a new promise… To post on this blog OR post a video (which also ends up here) every Sunday. I love you so much for just keeping up with me and caring.

Love Millions,

Chef o’buddy Amanda

(PS They don’t call me the chef for nothin’! New food posts soon!)


Cinderella’s Big Night (AKA My Prom)

27 Jun

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

15 Jun
My Senior Prom Photo

I truly was Cinderella


I dreamed all of my life to be a princess and last night my wish came true. I mean, I was not literally the princess of some land, but for my prom I got all Cinderella’d out (yes, I made up a word). I had so much fun and I really felt amazing. I love the people I have in my life. I will be adding more pictures as I get them. Once in everyone’s life they should feel like a prince or princess. I am very happy that high school is over, but I am a little sad still. In these four years, I’m grown, made mistakes, made friends, lost people I love, and struggled through to be who I am today.


Until Next Time,

Chef o’Buddy Amanda

I have a question!

25 May

Hey all,

I have a question. What do you think I should do in my next beauty video? I can show you the contents of my makeup bag, do the 3 minute makeup challenge, or do a simple makeup tutorial for people who don’t really like to wear makeup. Let me know!

Chef o’buddy Amanda