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Show Not Tell: Darker Fall Colors

9 Oct

My Youtube Channel

5 Sep

My Youtube Channel

Hello All My Lovely Followers,

Did you know I have a Youtube channel? If you didn’t, well there’s the link. So go subscribe!


Love Always,

Chef o’Buddy Amanda


P.S. When I get to 125 subscribers I will post a video of one of my hidden talents PLUS do a giveaway! Why 125? Because it’s my favorite number! So go go go!!!


NYX Haute Jersey Leopard Couture Palette Review

22 Aug

Love Love Love

16 Feb

Recap: I did a romantic makeup look for Valentine’s Day that I did not photograph. I will recreate it! I also did a lot of cooking. I made Sweet Potato & Sage Cream Sauce with campenelle pasta. Very easy to make, but it looked super fancy. For dessert, I made a burnt caramel cake. Yum! I will take a picture of a slice soon. I love the awesome people in life and that made 2/14. Love, Amanda

Let it Snow?

9 Feb

Oh no. The snow from yesterday was a little too much. I’m good without it.