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Show Not Tell: Darker Fall Colors

9 Oct

I Love Autumn

9 Sep Fall Leaves

I certainly do love summer and all it has to offer, but fall/autumn is an amazing season as well. It’s nice to see the leaves and weather change. You haven’t fully transitioned to your winter clothes and a warm wrap or shawl turns any summer outfit into a fall outfit. And let’s not forget the wonder of tights. Now aside from clothing, there is so much to do in autumn. It’s great to pick apples and pumpkins and make all kinds of delicious fall favorites with them. I’m actually allergic to pumpkins, but sweet potatoes easily take their place and I make a pretty awesome sweet potato pie.

Apple Tree

Nothing quite like a fresh picked apple.

Halloween has especially been a big deal for my family and I’ve always had an amazing costume with a full face of theatrical makeup, thanks to my mom. I love getting a variety of candies and being any character I want to be, even it is just for one day. Autumn is a time for closeness, romance, and warmth before winter blows in. Now that my high school career is almost over, autumn means much more than being back to the 9-4 schedule.

Please take my poll and let me know what your favorite part of autumn is.

With Love,

Chef o’Buddy Amanda