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Fashion Week Updates & A Style Challenge

18 Sep
Someone please help me style that H&M sweater!

I have only been on hiatus because I’ve been editing videos.


Fashion’s Wash Out

11 Sep
Maybelline Truck

Photo Credit: Chanel Allisia

Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) 2011 was called an “adult Halloween”, but on September 6th, 2012 it was more like a nightmare.

With a lack of complimentary gifts and celebrities, the under 21 crowd only had cupcakes to enjoy.

As always, there were designers, models, and rising music artists at a variety of venues dancing the night away, but there was not much else.

FNO 2011 was filled with big bags of candy, makeup, and autographs from A-listers. Stars like Justin Beiber and Nicki Minaj brought crowds that shut down blocks of the city streets.

This time around, the only way to get a free gift was with a purchase. In the defense of many stars, MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) was scheduled on the same night, forcing those invited to be in LA.  However, that does not explain the lack of giveaways and gift bags.

Despite it all, many people still came out in their most fashion forward outfits and were quickly followed by the influx of bloggers and ‘Instagramers’ who made the most of last weeks “eyeball kicks”.

Fashion’s Night Out 2012 did not meet the standards that it had set years in the past.

Luckily, for those who were 21 and over, there was an abundance of free bars allowing them to drink the night away.

Perhaps Fashion’s Night Out in LA had all of the flare that New York’s FNO did not.