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A Thank You to My Followers

30 Aug

I want to thank the people who are reading this and listening to the audio. I really hit an all time low yesterday and I wanted to do the unthinkable. But I remembered that I have this blog and that there are people who really care about what I think and do. You’ve inspired me to press on. To try again when I may fail. You’ve done so much for my life by just caring and I can not thank each and every one of you enough. Depression is something extremely difficult to live with and no matter how much help you get, you’re never perfect. I have finally got some help and it really helped me talk through some of my problems and let go of some of what I’m feeling. While talking to my therapist, I mentioned my background in IT and my ability to preserve documents and files even when there may an infection on the computer.

As he tried to help me understand I’m not the horrible person I think I am, he said something that will stick with me through life. “There’s a virus, but your documents are all there.” Sounds silly to you, but it was very reassuring. It was so nice to hear from someone else that I’m not totally messed up.

Thank You Again,

Chef o’Buddy Amanda


Where My Blog is Headed…

27 Aug