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MY ITGirls Experience

11 Nov


7 Aug

This tech thing is becoming a lot of hard work! One of my clients gave me a CPU with a crap load of missing drivers and I truly have no clue on how to get them back! Ugh I deleted my video due to the fact, I really did not like how I looked.

My Endeavors

30 Jul

I’m very young, but I’ve tried to do a lot at such a young age. I had a social network for a little while. It was called Clutterr (yes with 2 Rs). I thought the site was pretty awesome. I also thought I was the coolest teenager around. Clutterr had over 50 members. Unfortunately,ย  my mom and I couldn’t afford to keep it going and we had to let it go. But even before Clutterr, I had an online presence,ย  though it was small. I had an online magazine known as: Meez Elite Magazine

I’m happy to say I can actually show people the site because it’s still up. Meez is this 3D chat/ avatar game similar to IMVU only without the annoying download. It was my addiction for a long time and I figured why not bring fashion, magazines, and Meez together since I loved them all. I would draw out every cover, plan every article, and design most looks. I can’t forget to mention my friends Imani & Michelle who were a big part of the magazine. Without them it never would have happened. I believe we had three issues before the magazine tanked, but trust and believe a lot of time was put into each one. I’m very proud of all that I’ve done and can’t wait to tackle my next project.